Gulf Coast Native Sheep

Gulf Coast sheep were used across the Southeast by Spanish missionaries, Native Americans, and European settlers as far north as the Carolina's. Spanish sheep in the Southeast were shaped primarily by natural selection, becoming well adapted to the heat and humidity of the environment. These sheep fit their challenging environment so well that for centuries they were the only sheep to be found in the deep South, providing wool and meat for home production. We raise Gulf Coast sheep for the primary reason of their endangered status. I love the taste of succulent lamb and not being able to source what I wanted we started raising our own.  Our sheep are grass fed with an organic grain supplement when in late gestation and nursing young. Gulf Coast's have a good resistance to parasites as well as from foot rot common in sheep. They have adapted well to the southern climate over time. Since we practice organic farming chemical treatments are not on our radar. So we choose animals who fit our ideology and we do not force them into it. It takes years and lots of time and investment but it is worth even penny and every second. We will leave a godly legacy of care and concern for the future.  And enjoy good food on the journey as well!