Welcome to Didaskalos Farm

We are a real working farm practicing sustainable, organic farming. We raise wonderful Gulf Coast Native sheep for meat and fiber, we have a few Jersey milk cows who are free from BLV, BVD, Johnes and are DNA tested for their milk proteins. They are confirmed A2/A2 producing cows! Our milk is 100% grass fed full of healthy probiotic bacteria and we drink it raw. We believe that good soil produces good food for our animals as well as we humans. We have an assorted variety of chickens which are fed 100% organic grain and free range on pasture all day. We also raise  Silver Appleyard ducks who lay us delicious organic eggs as well! We strive to produce the best, healthy food! We want to bring back the true joy in clean living! So come experience what we have to offer. You won't be disappointed! Don't forget to stop by our Cottage Bake Shop or Farm store to see what we have to offer! New things will be added throughout the seasons....



Gulf Coast Sheep

Our sheep provide us with outstanding grass fed lamb as well as their fleece which we currently sell.


Jersey Milk Cows

Chicklet is a a2/a2 completely grass fed miniature Jersey milk cow.