The Farm Store & Cottage Bake Shop

The Farm Store & Cottage Bake Shop

Visit The Farm Store! We are open for business!

We would love to meet you! We are moving into our Fall hours soon! We will be opening a few mornings a week starting September 1st. If you need something and we are closed you can always send an email and we might be able to accommodate.

Summer hours are:

Monday:  Closed

Tuesday:  Closed

Wednesday:  10am-2pm

Thursday:  Closed

Friday: 10am-2pm

Saturday: By Appointment

Closed Sundays


               Our Farm Store & Bake Shop

In our farm store you will find our farm fresh eggs, organically grown herbs and vegetable in season. As well as our cottage bakeshop goodies. We are  OPEN for business! Come on in! .


Organic Pastured Raised Duck & Chicken eggs!

Egg supply is starting to pick up thank God! Our new laying hens have finally coming into lay. We sell our organically fed, pasture raised duck and chicken eggs in our store. Farm fresh eggs are the best! Being a complete protein they just add to the overall goodness of eating nutrient dense food. The deep orange yolks from the poultry/fowl being outside foraging in the sun make them sooo good! Stop by and pick up a dozen.



Sold out for the 2018 season but looking forward to 2019!

We live on a property that dates back over 150 years. These pecan trees have stood the test of time. We have both hard shell and soft shell pecans available in the Fall. We do not sell pecans from the previous year. We only sell fresh pecans. We practice organic farming here so our trees are never sprayed with anything. Folks around here tell us that our pecans are just "sweet"! That being interpreted means very good! I agree they happily end up in many of my bakery products!