Our Bake Shop

Our cottage bake shop is an outpouring of genuine love for the restoration of the precious ancient grains we have been privileged to find and use. We strive to produce the best life giving foods we can by creating simple breads, scones, muffins and other baked goods that can provide nourishment and enjoyment. We truly have an abundance of choice if we would  just take the time to look back where it all began. BREAD!! Bread has been a staple in all civilizations for well over 10,000 years and still is in our sweet 150 year old SC home! We do it right by using the BEST organically grown, not hybridized heirloom grains. We make artisan breads of all shapes, sizes and distinctions. Breads to be enjoyed and bread to be shared. So without further ado our little bake shop is finally open! At present our hours are limited simply because we want to bake fresh products. However, please call the farm if you can and let us know if you want to pre-order any bread and I will personally bake it for you as I always do. Right from my farm kitchen. After all that is what the term "artisan" means. Every loaf, cupcake, scone or muffin is a labor of love here on this farm! It never gets old here! We have a page called New Products. On this page I will present each product offered with a description and a photo so that you can see what ingredients are used and what the product may look like. We do not bake in bulk so each product varies in appearance but never in ingredients. I will expand the write up on each category as the days progress. Check back often.

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Einkorn is the chief player here on the farm Bake Shop. Einkorn simply means means "one grain" and truly is one of the only heirloom grains never hybridized. It's gluten structure is more fragile and those who are not true Celiac Sprue's can most likely eat things made with einkorn. It has a nutty flavor with a deep yellow color. It is the beginning of most of our bakery products. We use only the finest organically grown grains to make our products with on this farm.


Red Fife

The grain Red Fife was at one time the staple wheat of Canada. One story goes that it was brought into the country by a Scottish man. Its deep red color adds to its name. It was replaced by the commercialized hybrids and soon fell out of favor. But it is making a comeback and we use it here in some of our products. Unlike einkorn it has a stronger gluten structure but still not the inflammatory instigator as conventional wheat. It too is a heritage grain being restored.


Sour Dough

We headline sourdough here because it is the form of leavening used most here in the Cottage bake shop. Each grain Einkorn, Abruzzi Rye and Red Fife have there own living sourdough starter to leaven the breads we make.  Sourdough not only leavens bread but actually in a sense predigests the freshly milled grains making these products easier for our somewhat frail human systems to digest. It too is an ancient way of preparing food.