Week in review!

Greetings! So this was the first official week the website has been live. Hopefully it will improve and folks will find real valuable information here and help they might need. The new electrical panel was installed in the Farm Store Cottage Bake Shop. That is progress! Need to get that inspected so we can call the power company to get the building a meter of its own. My true desire is provide awesome, clean food. Save time for all you busy mothers, singles who just don't have time and all you 50 somethings like me who just enjoy the talents and blessings of others. So I will be baking some BREAD this week! This next weekend is Easter Sunday or as I call it Resurrection Sunday. Great time of reflection on what I am privileged to enjoy at the hand of Another. Made some decisions this week to take this farm in a slightly different direction. I am going to scale down some of my animal numbers to increase in others. There are some seriously hard choices we must make but I know this is the right direction for now. I truly believe when we invest in others we will reap a reward in ways not just monetary.  So these changes are about others as well as my dear family. Not sure what I could write about that would interest you all but please feel free to send me suggestions. I love to read so I am always looking for ways to do that.