Welcome August!

Good morning farm followers! I cannot believe it is August 13th already! Wow this year is literally flying by! August has proven to be quite hot and very wet just as July has been. God has given me many things to do so my days are filled, but we need to remind ourselves that business does not mean productive. As you read through the information pages of this website you know we raise Gulf Coast sheep. These are a critically endangered breed of sheep simply because folks just are not raising them. They are really great sheep! They have lovely fleeces which can be used in many applications. Their meat is mildly tasting, not gamey or over powering. We keep them as "grass fed"as possible and whenever grain is fed to them it it always ORGANIC. No compromises here simply because we know that grain is heavily sprayed with man made chemical fertilizers and pesticides and it is not worth it. Our health and the health of others matters. We want children to grow strong and healthy. We want to see their beautiful brains develop to be a blessing to society in whatever capacity God gives them. So we farm with a purpose and we trust God continues His hand of blessing upon us to make a difference. The Bake Shop and the Farm Store have been quiet these last few weeks. Baking is happening but on a smaller scale. I never want to bake "just because" I want to create nutritious food, food with a mission to make us strong and bless our bodies with things good for us. I so want to tell the world about Ancient grains and how much they are missing when they do not avail themselves of the pure goodness of them. But I wait patiently for whatever opportunity I am given. Until then I work, and study, and trust! Lord willing we will be traveling up to Connecticut to pick up a new Ram for the Ewes on Friday. It is a 17 hour drive but I trust we will learn much on our journey. We will post new pictures of this special new male on the farm next week so stayed tuned! OK folks have a good rest of your day. May August be a month of joy and blessings to you all.