Farm Store Update

Greetings all you fine farm followers! Over the weekend we participated in the Upstate Farm Tour here in SC. Well over 250 folks visited our farm and bake shop. We are so very, very thankful for each and everyone of you. We trust you learned something and that perhaps even been inspired to do something to contribute to better food in your life. We will officially open the Bake Shop June 18, 2018. Given the response over the weekend I need to replenish my supplies and get on a schedule of baking. Many of you folks have asked for specific items and I am working on a page on this website to put each item and its price with a small description. Hopefully that will keep everyone more informed. Please put your contact information in a message so that I can respond appropriately to everyone and keep better track of each inquiry I get. We are always open to suggestion here so please feel free to give feedback where appropriate. Many have asked if I can teach a class or perhaps speak at some function they attend. Like everything in our lives we evaluate each situation as they are brought on the scene of life. We want what we say or teach to matter so before I commit to anything I want to make sure it will be useful and filled with good instruction and exhortation. Thank you all again for all your kindness. It is appreciated! We think that opening the store from 8-5 Mon-Sat. is a good beginning! So Lord willing we will see you then! Enjoy your day!