Cottage Bakeshop Updates

Good afternoon on this lovely Sunday afternoon. We are thankful for Sundays around this farm since we rest from our labors and nourish our souls. Today we celebrated the baptism of our 19th grandchild. Such a blessing, so as I sit here and reflect on the gracious God we have I bless Him for all the wonderful folks who came to the Bakeshop this week. We do so desire to see folks come and learn about how food can be nourishing and good for you once again. Einkorn as many of you know is the staple grain of which I bake and I am excited to add new things to our product line. We are blessed in this nation with such an abundance of seasonal fruits and veggies.  It is such a privilege that their appearance is on the food scene now and I can hardly wait to showcase them in the little Bakeshop. On the Farm store side we will have some fresh organically grown local tomatoes and cucumbers that we would love to get an opportunity to sell. Cherries are very available now so hopefully we can get some cherry type breads and scones baked up as well as a crostata or two! Well enough said today! Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully we can be blessing to you this week.