Good morning!! New day!

Today is a new day here on Didaskalos Farm and though our life is beginning to take a slightly newer direction, my heart is still drawn to the love of the farm. God has put it in my heart and I cherish it! Jesus is the Bread of Life and that has such a magnitude of meaning. Bread in itself has been nourishing mankind for millennia. When I discovered Einkorn over five years ago I began the journey of transitioning my baking exclusively with this ancient grain. I have learned so much but never do I feel I cannot learn even more. God’s creation amazes me every minute of the day. If we just stop to ponder all the natural processes in this world we cannot be anything but truly blown away mentally by the AWESOMENESS of it all.

Today I am baking two french boules (round loaves) of einkorn bread. Now normally I use either an organically grown yeast from a company called Bioreal or my own sourdough starter to make a levain. However, today I am using yeast water that I made from fresh figs that I picked from our tree. Wild yeast really is what it is just like sourdough. The process is very simple and I learned about it from a bread blog last year. You start with clean, cool water. Nothing chlorinated please! Side note: We are privileged to have a 700 ft drilled well here that gives us delicious artisan well water. You cut up selected fruit or herbs, or plant material of your choosing and fill a mason jar 3/4 full cap it and let that ferment for 5-7 days. I cut up about six very ripe figs and set my jars in a dark place to begin their transition. My fermentation process however did not take but three days and my water was bursting with bubbles. I mixed up two levains yesterday and let them spend sometime together so they could begin the process of rising my bread today! So today is putting everything together day! Lord willing by the end of the day I will have produced two wonderfully risen round loaves of einkorn bread! Hopefully we can entice some of our farm followers to purchase these soon to be beauties and experience true organic goodness! Thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful day!