Happy Friday!

Good morning you precious farm followers! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my little place on the web. I have two more jars of fruit fermenting in water. They are still in the brewing stage getting ready to become another batch of yeast water. This time they are filled with bing cherries! Not sure what bread they will become but I am sure by past experience they will be wonderful!

Today sometime I will be listing my animals for sale with prices and descriptions for each one. We are praying for wonderful safe homes for each and everyone of them. Our sheep, turkeys and our ducks are rare and endangered breeds. Hopefully some conservationist like us will be interested. We will list them on the Livestock Conservancy market page as well. As this new normal eventually becomes a reality I am sure God will continue to give direction and comfort. My father in law is doing fairly well considering all that his body has endured these past 7 weeks. God indeed is merciful to us and we trust He will continue to be.

Well Happy Friday to you all. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. I am always ready to give an answer…