Dreaded Days of Summer....

Greeting farm followers! It is HOT! need I say any more? Yesterday we reached nearly 100 degrees! And the humidity was off the wall. Pollen count for ragweed is ridiculous and many are suffering just from a little time outside. I can hardly believe it is September already. Looking forward to Fall and somewhat cooler temperatures. I am thankful for all the seasons God has given us. Some are easier to get through then others but nevertheless they are all necessary. So we bear up and are extremely privileged to retreat to a cool house. Many do not have such luxuries. As the death toll rises in the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian I count my blessing and name them one by one… God is merciful and kind even in the midst of all the chaos and destruction.

My daughter-in-law was given confirmation yesterday that the baby they are expecting in January is indeed a little girl. She currently weighs 14 ounces (2 ounces above the normal weight at this age) so she appears to be growing nicely. My son has four boys already and a little girl will just add to the blessings of children. Their youngest child Gabriel will turn 3 on Thursday! He shares a birthday with my father-in-law. We are rejoicing that God in His providence spared my father-in-law’s life in July when he suffered that catastrophic heart attack. He is a living miracle that even the medical doctors had to confess. He has made good progress and we rejoice in the God of mercy!

We have the cow listed on craigslist/greenville and hopefully soon we will have a new family ready to add a milk cow to their homestead. We trust God will bring just the right folks and we wait (sometimes impatiently) for His answer. We will list our sheep next, I have delayed listing them because I wanted to get everyone’s paperwork in order but it appears that our dear registrar has taken a hiatus again. He has a lot of family responsibility but he does not feel he can hand over the reins of the registry to anyone. So we wait! Hopefully the new buyers will understand and trust that the stock we sell can be registered and traced.

I purchased a new baking book. As you all know I bake primarily with the Ancient wheat grain Einkorn. I feel it is time to expand my use of other just as valuable grains. In the past I have baked with Red Fife purchased from Anarchy Acres in Wisconsin, Abruzzi Rye and Sonora white out of Anson Mills here in SC. However, now I have added a new line up of heritage wheat grains to the list. I found a lovely mill in Texas (Barton Springs Mill) and have purchased some Marquis, Warthog and Rouge de Bordeaux. Also purchased some Sonora White from a Native Indian farm in Arizona called Ramona Farms. Also purchased some Turkey Red from Anarchy Acres. I am so thankful for these small sustainable managed grain farms who are passionate about revitalizing our almost lost heritage of wholesome grains. I pray that the products I bake from the line up of these wonderful food blessings will not only honor God but will nourish and satisfy many. I am so thankful to have these privileges given to me by God. May He shine!

Thank you for reading this blog post. I greatly appreciate it and feel free to comment. I love getting good feedback.