Welcome Monday!

Greetings farm followers! Hopefully everyone is doing well. We have had a few days of cool weather considering it is the end of August here in SC. We are loving it and so are all the animals. We moved the young rams over into the pasture with Titan our current herd sire and sure enough one of his sons saw fit to challenge him last night. The running speed and the forceful hits amaze me. I am surprised they do not knock themselves out. I was seeing stars just watching them. But after a few hits junior gave up and went back to the group quietly. This is the first time they have been physically in contact with our Anatolian shepherd Anna. Anna of course thought that they were her new playmates but after some stern scolding she mellowed out and this morning seems to be doing better. Theo our special little ram is not exactly sure how to handle her but the others are learning fast. Little Bull seems to care less for the new pasture mates as he already knows he is the King over there. Hopefully everyone will adjust until we can find new homes for them all. Some will go to freezer camp others I pray become herd sires one day.

My father-in-law is making progress every day! I am so encouraged by the strength the Lord continues to give him. God is so very gracious and long suffering. He and my mother-in-law are doing their best to remain independent. Hopefully their success will continue. My husband and I are waiting patiently for what God has for us to do next. Our number two prayer right now is that all of our precious animals will find loving, stable homes. Pray that God will raise up just the right folks to take them on.

Saturday I attended my son and daughter-in-law’s Gender Reveal party for our 20th grandchild. This will be our son’s fifth child (all boys) and our daughter-in-law’s third child. I was commissioned to make “cake pops”. Not an easy task when you do not use artificial ANYTHING! My sister was visiting from Pennsylvania and she and I worked for many hours making 50 cake pops for the party. 25 blue and 25 pink! They turned out good considering our first attempt but if I make them again in the future I will be looking for a better cake and icing recipe. The cake was very bland and the icing just did not dry as I would have liked. Everyone enjoyed them and there were not many left so at least were were successful. Oh and the new grandbaby due in January is a GIRL!

Well farm followers thank you for reading my ongoing story of life. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to ask. And if you or anyone are looking for sheep, a milk cow, chickens, turkeys or ducks please let us know. Please feel free to pass this on. Have a wonderful rest of August will hopefully write again to welcome September!